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Hope C Wirta is trapped in one of her darkest times. Her husband has died, leaving her to raise four children on her own. At the end of her rope, Hope attempts to be the best mother she can be while still maintaining a healthy relationship with God.

She marries a wonderful man and is excited about a fresh start, but married life with Stan complicates things further. The young couple struggles to keep food on the table for their combined seven children and Hope’s now dependent mother. Desperate, Hope turns to eating and spending to cope with her confusion and pain.

She tries everything to get her habits under control, but nothing works. Only when she realizes that this compulsion is out of her control does she understand what she has to do.

Hope’s spiritual growth is chronicled against the backdrop of her messy, relatable family and kind, committed husband. Hope is a wife, mother, and woman, and her words will strike a chord for anyone in a similar situation. Readers will fall in love with Hope as she candidly relates the lows in her life and the one moment where everything changed.

Watch for her New Book: ALL THE DIFFERENCE

To Contact Hope about speaking availability please emailhopewirta@msn.com


Hope loves to combine her two loves; painting and teaching God's word.

Hope will also lead your group through a paint event with step by step instruction.

Ask about Bible and Paint Events,  speaking events, and retreats.

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Hope Wirta lives with her husband of 29 years, she enjoys life as a Bible Teacher, artist, writer, and speaker. She has attended Multnomah University and is pursuing a biblical counseling certification. She and her husband attend Church in Portland Oregon.


  • Step Families

  • Grief

  • Eternal Perspective

  • Joy

  • Bible Book Overviews

  • (Other topics on request)


  • Painting while speaking 
  • Paint Events at your retreat